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Scientific name:
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Available in:
Sheet, Rod, tube, cylinder, tape

Virgin - Natural, unfilled PTFE. White colour; available in sheet, rod, cylinder and tube
25% Glass filled - Off-white colour. Available in sheet, rod & tube
60% Bronze filled - Bronze colour. Available in sheet, rod & tube.
5% Carbon + 20% glass filled - Black colour. Available in sheet, rod & tube
25% Carbon filled - Black colour. Available in sheet, rod & tube

General properties:

• Excellent chemical resistance
• Lowest co-efficient of friction of all plastics
• Very high operating temperature and stability, with continuous operation ranges of -250°C to 260°C
• Excellent electrical & dielectric properties, even at high temperatures
• Excellent UV resistance
• Suitable for food contact (virgin only)

Piston rings
Electrical & thermal insulators
Food processing components
Heat seal liners
Glide rings
Slide bearings
Lantern rings


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