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Applications of Engineering Plastics

Some common applications for engineering plastics are listed below. All of these parts can be manufactured and supplied by Stug Australia Pty Ltd.

For detailed information on materials and their properties, select from the links below or contact one of our engineers to discuss your requirements. They are available to assist you with material selection and design advice to provide cost-effective solutions for your particular application and ensure your product will give optimum performance within your design parameters.

If your application is not listed here you can find materials selection information on this website or contact our engineers to determine which material, plastic or metal, would be most suitable.

Application Most used plastics
Abrasion resistant liners HMWPE, UHMWPE
Acid trays PVC, PP
Agitators Nylon, Acetal, PVC
Anti-corrosive liners PVC, PP
Architectural features Acrylic, Polycarbonate
Baking tray liner PTFE
Bearings Acetal, Nylon, PETP, PP
Bench tops PP, HDPE
Boat chopping board HDPE - cut to fit your bait or fish box
Boat windscreen Acrylic, clear or smoke tinted
Bolts & nuts

Nylon, PVC, PP

Bottle line wear plate UHMWPE, HMWPE
Buffer pads Nylon, Polyurethane
Bushes Nylon, PETP, Acetal, PE
Chain guide UHMWPE, HMWPE
Chevron packings PTFE
Conveyor mechanisms PP, UHMWPE, Nylon
Cooling towers PP
Cutting boards HDPE - cut to custom size & shape
Display Acrylic
Electrical insulators PTFE, Bakelite
Exhaust ducts PVC, PP
Feedscrolls Nylon, Acetal, Polyethylene - see Feedgear
Food production PTFE, PETP, Polyethylenes, PP, Polycarbonate
Fume ducting PVC
Gaskets PTFE, Polyurethane
Gears Nylon, Acetal, Bakelite
Guards Polycarbonate, PP
Guide strips UHMWPE, HMWPE, Nylon
Guide wheels Nylon, Acetal
Heat-seal surfaces PTFE
High precision parts Acetal, PETP
Hoppers PP, PVC
Insulators Acetal, Nylon, PTFE, Bakelite
Kicker arms Nylon
Lantern rings PTFE
Level indicators Acrylic, Polycarbonate
Lighting Acrylic, often prismatic or opal
Liners, chemical resistant PP, PTFE, PVC
Liners, low friction UHMWPE, HMWPE
Machine guards Polycarbonate
Marine applications PP, PTFE, Polyethylene, Acetal,Acrylic
Metal detector chutes PP, Polyethylenes
Non-stick surfaces PTFE
Nuts & bolts PP, Nylon, PVC
Piston rings PTFE
Piston seals & cups Polyurethane
Plating tanks & hoods PP
Pressure plates UHMWPE
Pump components PP, Nylon, Acetal, PETP, Polyurethane, PVC
Rollers Nylon, Acetal, Polyethylenes
Safety glass & guards Polycarbonate
Scraper blades Nylon, PTFE, Polyethylenes
Seals Acetal, PTFE, Polyethylenes
Security windows Polycarbonate
Self-lubricating parts Nylon LFX
Sight glass Acrylic, Polycarbonate
Skylights Opal or prismatic acrylic
Sleeves Acetal, Nylon, PETP
Slide bearings PTFE
Slideways PETP
Snap fit assemblies Acetal
Splash protectors PVC
Spools Acetal, PP
Star wheels Nylon, UHMWPE, HMWPE, PVC
Switch boards PVC, Bakelite
Tanks PP, PVC
Terminal boards Bakelite
Thermal insulators PTFE
Thrust washers PETP
Timing screws Nylon, Acetal, Polyethylenes - see Feedgear
Transparent components Acrylic, Polycarbonate
Trophies Acrylic
Valve bodies PP, Nylon
Valve components PP, Nylon, PTFE
Vandal-resistant glazing Polycarbonate
Water, operating under Acetal, PETP, PTFE
Washers Acetal, Nylon, PTFE, Polyurethane
Wear guides & strips UHMWPE, HMWPE, Nylon
Wear pads Polyurethane, Nylon
Wear plates UHMWPE, HMWPE, Nylon
Wire rope sheaves Nylon
Worms Nylon, Acetal, Polyethylenes - see Feedgear

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