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Scientific name:
Polyamides (PA)
Available in:
Sheet, Rod, Tube

Nylon 6SA - General purpose grade, available in natural (cream) (thinner sheet &rod) and black (rod only).
Nylon 66SA - Higher mechanical properties & dimensional stability. Available in natural (cream) in smaller rod sizes.
Nylon 6PLA - Cast nylon grade similar to 6SA. Available in natural (cream) in sheet plus larger rod & tube sizes.
Nylon 4/6 - Superior thermal resistance. Red/brown colour. Available in limited rod & sheet sizes.
Nylon GF30 - 30% glass fibre filled to give improved strength, stiffness, creep resistance, dimensional stability & thermal resistance. Black rod only.
Nylon 6XAU - Heat stabilised cast nylon with better creep, wear & thermal resistance. Black colour; available in sheet plus larger rod & tube sizes.
Nylon LFX - Self lubricating grade with low co-efficient of friction and exceptional wear resistance. Green colour; available in sheet plus larger rod & tube sizes.

General properties:

• High impact strength, hardness, stiffness and toughness
• Excellent bearing properties
• Low power factor requirements
• Very high wear resistance; good fatigue resistance
• High mechanical damping ability
• High sliding properties
• Nylon 66SA is suitable for food contact


Wear pads
Bearings with high load
Support & guide wheels
Conveyor & tension rollers
Wire rope sheaves
Buffer pads
Feedgear (6PLA only)
Self lubricating applications (LFX only)


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